my first blog!

yayayaya!!!! today its the first time im writing and its all thanks to my buddy guang!!!

Anyways, today was one of the rare days where i was fully awake for the WHOLE day…usually i will be half asleep for some of the lessons especially maths! oh man, its so dry and dull and….well, boring. However, i dont know how or why but by some miracle i’m awake for the whole day!!! woohoo! its real refreshing…

I totally forgotten about what happened today except for the LAN class experience which i don’t need to bother about coz my fren is gonna take care of this irritation. this bug, this person thing…what ever! not gona spoil my mood tonight! but the day ended really wonderfully….ehehhee, a secret im not about to spill! mebe one day, but not now! 😉

well, im gonna close early for now. dont really have much to say….listening to a weird song by weird al yakovic…titled ” i’m fat” ehehhehe


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