what a friday…:P

awesome weird day! it started off lousy: 1) no breakfast
2) got caught in the rain
3) forgotten to bring chem paper for the teacher
4) it was plain lousy

but then everything changed as soon Miss Ng flew into our classroom! whoa!!!! a new blast of spell was cast on S4…as if the curse of bad luck was broken. 😛
We didnt have class for english! yay! NO WORK!!! lalallalalala
But we learn something very important and that is everyone has their rights! So, class S4 will take charge and demand their rights soon enough! hahaha, who knows we might end up in high court…:P

More breaths of good luck happened after that..ehehhe, for one thing i met up with a long lost fren. AND i had a taste of Korean fried rice…delicious but it takes a very very long time to come to the table….and its alot!!! but delicious…mmmm

Later that day, Eling was still muddled about her decision making thing…sounds as if her life was at peril! LOL …poor girl. she didnt know that the whole class will miss her like hell. If you’re reading this Eling i represent all class S4: WE WILL MISS YOU LIKE HELL!!! IT WOULD BE TOO QUIET N I WOULD BE VERY LONELY WITHOUT MY GOOD FREN! there i said it out. i just hope that she will stay…


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