arghh…am half asleep this morning coz woke up damn blady early to revise math….grrrr…
thank god it was group work so it wasn’t so bad…anyways, the hell with the math today. have another big shit tmr anyways.

whoa, today is really my L-U-C-K-Y day!
first, i didn’t finish my chem coz my favourite fren left her book in the locker so i got no info to work it on with…but thank god teacher lets us pass up on friday!
then, DI was horrible but not that scary bad…it was kinda ok. so thats a good sign too! next…oh im so proud of myself! i finished my msl homework today! b4 i got home some more!!! good girl karen! 😛
then english was also relaxing, managed to catch 40 winks….*snoooorrreeee……and the last period physics…i oso finished my hw! wow! so happy so happy can go home and revise my work for once!!!! am so proud of myself.

oh i also had a meeting with the sheffield person…i gotta study hard man…if i even wanna get in the university. please god help me! today i shall work hard! and tomorrow and the day after!

but i have to say, the best thing, besides getting free chocolate cake from my fren…mmmmm yummy! i met up with my primary school mate! it was a real surprise!!!

just imagine, ur walking and suddenly this guy just stops and stares at you…i bet you would think: what the hell?! and the best thing was that hes sooo cute!
and we ended up talking for more than half an hour….whoa…
oh yeah, i was supposed to have this meeting …i was like, dang! i din wanna leave! ehehhehe
but another blast of luck blew my way! and i din have to attend the meeting! yehoo!!!
and in the lab, ehehhee, i met up with my guy frens…wah today rezeki very good!

very lucky day…so happy!


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