work work work work…arrgghh

man, just started first week of college and already work is beginning to pile up. this really sucks. but on the bright side..yes theres always a bright side, it just depends whether we wanna take a look at it. Anyways, on the bright side, the days in college has been anything but boring. yeah believe it or not it feels so much better being back in college rather than being stuck at home with thousands of brats clinging on ur shorts…

first, lets start with monday…hurrah hurrah we met up with our classmates and everyone talk to each other like no time has passed…as if we just meet each other after a day…or maybe we are just to ‘selamba’ and do not really care…hmmmm…well i am glad to say that we are not shy…

Tuesday–math teacher starting to bug me with work…damn the class profile. hehe… but then thanks to such kind souls the work is not that excruciatingly horrible…yeah man thanks to my dear fren..not telling who! that frens mine to exploit! besides that we were very very lucky..yeah S4 is really lucky coz all the classes under our chemistry teacher got banged, bombed, shot, hanged..given their just desserts for being slow or inaccurate or just being blur… truthfully we were quite blessed to be showered with favor, tho she will raise her voice a little but the treatment we receive is far better than other classes..for instance S3..hehe too bad man so our experiment wasnt so bad. we finished and she din penalise our marks..phew! hehe, had my bit of fun after college…met up with a good fren and we..TRIED to study:P

Wednesday…YES! no LAN!!! thank you God….hehee, LAN teacher fell sick so we dont have to pass up our project so fast…lol, its nearly done but i just need to write in somemore information to our measley little conclusion..doesnt make sense but what to do? we live in a weird world surrounded by weird people. “when in Rome, do what the Romans do” . I had a blast at the drama club meeting, we planned many whacky stuff and real weird and humiliating acts..ehehhe not revealing it to any supersticious viewer…but i will relate the sordid tale as soon the act is done.

well, it wasnt such a bad week, tho the mid year results did decapitated our souls…it was not too bad…and also math teacher giving enormous amounts of useless homework..and forcing us to attend a time wasting seminar…how bad can it get? hahahha, just look into the bright sure its there somewhere 🙂

thus the great karen her majesty the KING of her own domain must retire and resume to her duties…slave to homework…sigh…life as a student…is wonderful..ironic isnt it…and full of adventures…*evil grin* i will see u again…when i see you…


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