Kush Tush Bush!

Been having a rad time in college these days! 🙂 though homework pours into our lives continuously…its still good. hehe

today is THE day that every SAM student has to pass up their physics project…Mr john–with his timer thingy…anyways, im kinda surprised that theres no long queue at all the shops..guess we students really learnt our lesson and finished the work ontime and did not procrastinate. so it wasnt bad at all.

then something unfortunate really happen….really scary wei. …the class clown suddenly fell ill and for the first time no one laughs at or with him, we were all worried sick for him. he was shivering from head to toe and wearing many layers of clothing still doesnt help. We really hope u get well coz S4 is not the same at all without our Elton John!!

later, hongky hongky!!! hahaha, our drama queen was teased senseless by the guys. our favourtie topic is of this certain hongkong guy lookalike with really ugly curls. hahaha, and damn she was really embarrased when one of our classmate decided to ask his fren to introduce her to him…i felt for her…i really do..poor sod.

THEN…hehehe, the most wonderious thing happend! i FINISHED my homework in college! yes yes! then the fighter came in the library and chatted with my peers and i….really nice chat. we learn many things that day…frens are forever and im really happy that i met a few. i shall treasure u guys forever!!!

later on, we got into the bus really high..dunno why but we js got so high, like we took too much sugar that day..hahaha, Kush Tush and Bush was born that very hour!!! hahahaaha, we went absolutely crazy, taking a manila cardboard and writing someones contact number with really naughty description and posted it onto the back of the bus window…whoa we receive some really scary respond! we were playing and didnt know that someone will actually tried to cal the number…and followed us all the way!!! that was scary, anyways kush, tush and bush shall never ever repeat that stupid thing ever again…we shall do something else…hahahah i wonder what:P

thus ends the day of college…home…ohhh home…gonna snooze now..SNORE!!!!


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