nothing more powerful than L-O-V-E!

you sat down, talking to this person who has been a great friend for almost all you life. And strange nice feelings start to emerge. Whats this you might think, hey this is wrong besides…he/shes my best friend!!!

aaahhh my dear friend. You are merely in love! Nothing wrong with that 🙂 au contraire, it is the most wonderful thing you ever encounter! It is the beginning of a beautiful story with potential to be your everlasting dream!

I have been in love before, it was a wonderful feeling. Our love was based on friendship, thus we have a special and unique love. We go round causing trouble and wrecking havoc all over the place…aaahh young love how i wish it never ended…but from it i learn as well! I learn to listen, to talk and to speak my mind. I learn never to doubt myself (ladies! your instinct is always right! believe it!) and also to take care of others.

though the first love is over, it doesnt mean it is the end of the world. True, no one can ever take the place of the first person who made a mark in you, but the next person just might have enough love to not only mend the mark, but to create another special place…within you.

hehehehe im bloody lucky! i met an awesome guy who takes care of me and cares for my needs. sigh, love is wonderful! makes u fly high soar in the sky!!! and also ruins your english…hahaha.

ok i have nothing to say. tata for now!


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