bubbles! chewing gum! bright colors!
what a feeling i have
like a great roundball of sunshine
all bundle in a fluff

i speak with no sense of logic
and pay no heed to sensibility
i stare at people
and i drive on the wrong side of the road!

what am i trying to say here!
i don’t know either…

hahahahaha! perhaps i am insane
perhaps i am delirious!
but i don’t care!
i never do…*evil grin*

so world beware!
for i am born into this world
to spread a disease
a disease that MAY bring some good in our lives

a bucketful of craziness
a dash of smiles
a hint of laughter
and most of all
a full bottle of love

yes! i am here to spread inane happiness!
all around the world!
all because…i am in LOVE!


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