questions and clues
scattered down the boulevard of emptiness
i’m confused
i don’t know what came over me
what is happening?

vague answers
indescribable feelings
unpredictable happenings
please please i don’t understand!

alone i stand
in the dark hall ways of silence
black and white is all i see
what is there
what is then
i take it as it is

then, you came into my life
colors start to fill my dull halls
a feeling of sunshine blasts into my coldness
i have such a happy feeling
a feeling of safety

yet…i still wonder.
Brownie? i don’t understand
its so nice
yet i don’t know
i’m half afraid
and half filled with abundance of joy
the sweet sound of the saxophone
fills the empty echo of my heart
i have always been complete
but now…i have a bonus feeling

perhaps…time will tell
till then, please don’t let me go
i cannot stand to lose you.


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