it’s hard

we all have problems
thats a fact
we all are liars too
don’t deny it

but i feel, i am the biggest one of all…

a liar
a cheater
a loner

it’s hard, being scared yet facing the world with a brave face
it’s hard, being happy yet no one knows how sad u are inside

my friend i know how it feels to be alone
all alone,
with no one to help you
just when u needed someone
all u wanna do it to cry
and hurt yourself
punish yourself,

the cruel world is not gonna help you
i know what you’re hearing as well
all those mean voices
all those people who thinks you’re whacked
sick in the head
yeah…i went through that as well
frankly i’m going through it now

it’s hard.
so hard to remain strong
so hard to smile
so hard to tell the truth
the truth that might set us free…

so hard.
and the worse part is…i’m alone


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