just yesterday i thought about you
i remembered your laughter
your happy self
the love you have all around you
and most of all,
the warmth you tend to spread everywhere

i remember the silly laugh
the moments we shared before
the things we talked about
it seemed so insignificant then
but not now

its so unreal
its so unexpected
its too soon

silent, unmerciful and heartless
death takes everything away
it took you away
from us

all of us, we may not be close
or thick as thieves
but you made a mark in our lives
by merely existing
a permanent mark
that we will always be reminded of

my friend,
i will miss you
so much
you will always remain in my heart

though this poem is sucky,
its the only way i can express myself to you
maybe in heaven they have internet too
so you can log in and read my blog.

here we are
still on earth
living…thanks for everything
coz indeed i learn something
an important lesson
i shall never forget.


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