a lesson learned

at times we feel pain
at times we feel sorrow
but nothing beats the feeling…
of losing a friend

we can get alittle proud
we can be a little selfish
we are complacent
thats our culture and what we are

its not like no one taught us to cherish life
yet, we cannot help it
we try to seize the day
yet…well, tomorrow never failed us
until now.

a lesson we learn
just a few days ago
when our dear friend was too perfect for earth
and was called up to heaven
now tomorrow is not there
for us to celebrate with her
coz shes not with us anymore
only memories.

so my friends
learn and decide for yourself!
tomorrow is not for certain
anything can happen
and love and treasure your friends around you
every minute and every second
treat it more than gold.

i say this
because i realise
that each day is so beautiful
and more fulfilling
when we know
the meaning of love
and knowing that we are…


One thought on “a lesson learned

  1. Hey Karen.. Nice blog..

    I only just realised what your last 2 poems were about.. just shows how behind time i am..

    Sorry about hearing abt Eunice.. I only just found out.. through other ppls blogs..

    Take care.. keep in touch!!
    Chu May

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