i bid you adieu for now and hope for a chance of reunion

today is the last day
a low trumpet sounding
oh how sad it is
even the world understand how sad i was
that they cried together with me

our last day
as classmates
sitting together in a room
making a hell lotta noise
and exchanging stories

it would not be the same
as we meet different people
from different cultures

we will move into our separate paths
move into different regions of the world
never to see each other again
but only to remember through the eyes of the camera

our noisemakers we will miss them
for they fill the emptiness of the class
the quiet surrounding thats alien to us
they help us adapt and fill us with joy

our geniuses in class
yeah we need em too
coz we need to copy off them
and we depend on them to make the grade sometimes
hehe, yeah we need their advice

we have the crazy and insane people
constantly chit chatting
about weird things and things u and i would never wanna noe
porn, shit, girls…eeeuuuu
but its still funny, coz without them
who are we gonna talk about?

then we have the quiet people in class
they dont do much
they dont speak much
but theyre part of us
and thats important enough

best friends. good friends. girlfriends. boyfriends
yeah we have em all..
and our class is unique and special in everyway
i shall always remember them
through the eyes of the camera
perhaps one day we shall meet again
and share our moments
our tears
our joys
our adventures
till then.
i bid you adieu and good luck


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