This is a sad and stupid blog. Its boring so Go Away.

Yay, exams are finally over and i can focus my attention on other things…like the prom for instance *winks*. Choosing the perfect dress for the prom night is what most girls thrive for, as it in their mind is going to be the most memorable night ever! And we would want to dress up well if not astoundingly for that night. However choosing a dress is hard, not only you gotta look out for the color of your dress, the size, the length, how much of skin you wanna expose, people would always ALWAYS take a look at the price tag…most people actually died in the shop after taking a look at how much the dress is worth. MAN you can buy about a billion t-shirts in the pasar malam instead of that ONE dress.

Bleh. That is the thrifty side of me talking. Who am i kidding? I am a girl too and i too want to look my best and impress others. i mean, come on, who doesnt? Anyone who speaks othewise is a liar…because the prom night is the night where you can let your hair down and show off!

BUT my problem is i cannot find a suitable attire…bleh…blame it on the exams…because of it my health, body and everything else has ceased its priority during the stressful time…all i was doing was studying, studying and studying…and now KABOOM! BIG MAMA HERE I COME! its embarrassing…i used to be able to fit into many clothes and now i have a lot of trouble just geting the right size. bleh 😦

Well, now i have to stick to the theme, ” beggars can’t be choosers” it sucks, and whats worse, going shopping with my mom turns out to be the most degrading thing i have ever done. Its not that she has bad taste or anything, but she teases and makes fun of everything i choose or wear and it made me kinda humiliated. I shut my trap just enduring it coz i know she is the type that likes to poke people at their sides thinking its funny. What she doesn’t know though is that fat people are sensitive souls and we want a chance to be different and not mingle with the same crowd. She won’t be able to understand because hey, she has a great figure, happily married and she has all the dresses she wants! what more can she ask for. Not like her sad, nerdy, homebody daughter…i am just gonna mope around for a little while longer before i just go ahead and wear something that is below $150 and black…its not that i care about how expensive it is..i just want to fit the dress and look decent, i also wanted to try a different color…but even that is too much to ask…bleh…oh hell, who cares. She got mad when i got sad and frustrated. I couldnt say anything because i was hurt, theres nothing i can wear there..the sadness of being fat 😦

Well i have poured my sorry tale and should kick my kaboose outta here. till then wish me luck for a something decent to wear. i should remember my old philosophy, don’t aim too high so that you won’t get disappointed. sigh.


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