mi familia

me and wai soon gotten a little nostalgic today…i was quietly browsing through my family photo album while he was showing my pictures of his family 🙂

it only show me one thing, time really waits for no one. None at all…in just a blink of an eye, there goes my childhood. The only remaining essence of my childhood is right there, recorded through the lenses of the camera, inside the photo album.

Looking back at the photos, i notice the closeness and the silliness my family and i share. The love for certain hobbies, interests and stuff we all share. For instance

1) we are all jokers…ALL of us..me, man and babe–3 musketeers with the brain of jim carey. We inherited this weirdness from our mom…shes one cool babe with the weirdest sense of humour…which ALL OF US HAVE. hahahahaha we even have our own family joke! *winks*

2) we are very VERY nasty people…cept my dad. He is very nice…my sisters, mom and cousins…wer bad…very bad…LOL we have the sharpest mouth in the planet and gossip about other people….we have been told that we are mean 😛 but at least we agree with each other!

3) we have the gift of gab. we CANNOT SHUT UP. talk talk talk talk its a must. my mom loves talking about weird stuff (more about that later) , my dad loves teaching us, my sister mandy loves talking about herself and something else, my sister stephanie aka babe loves talking about japanese stuff and life in general and i love talking crap…hehe!

4) we are very adaptable people—therefore we travel alot! wherever we go, we have no problems. we dont complain alot and we are survivors. My mom is the best in improvising things for us and taking care of our well being, dad is real good at planning the day and bringing us to places with good food…YUM and my sisters and i? we keep ourselves amuse and entertain by singing off key and telling stories! (as i mentioned we cannot shut up)

i have so much more to write about, of how alike we all are. Yet, we are unique individuals. each one of us. My mom is very creative and innovative…she can make fun in a box outta anything! My dad is really smart, you just cannot beat him no matter what…yet he teaches you how to be strong and lifts your spirit 🙂 go dad! Mandy is a great dancer, in everything she does, its excellent..unlike me i hate doing work…hahahahha she makes thing look nice and presentable..i still remember my sad lil projects..which i threw away…LOL! Babe, my youngest sister is especially witty and really talented in drawing…not like me, i cant draw anything for nuts! I, Karen, on the other hand…is the absolute kook in the family…a bookworm (only me and my mom love to read), a singer ( i CAN sing), and well, hehe me!

wait i forgot something–because we are not local Semenanjung people, no offense but not all of you are fun…we Sabahans…have real weird sense of humor. At least my family, my moms side of the family with the abounding population of kadazans have the weirdest and most scariest train of thought. Almost inhumane…danger, trouble and ghastly experiences are what they thrive in. Talking about the human anatomy is the main topic of the conversation…plus we love doing outdoor activities..to the extent where we conduct our own olympic games! hahaha we BUILD EVERYTHING FROM SCRATCH. something not everyone here will do…damn i miss those days.

my family are special people. fun, scary, mean and terrible…thats why i love em. i love em to bits but im a horrible person in showing any sign of affection. lol hopefully i can do more to make em happy 🙂 coz they mean the world to me. i wouldnt be the person i am right now without them.


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