hey guys i’m in china!

i am using my friends laptop so i HAVE to cut it short…

4:41 am– here i am awake in the plane…after trying numerous yoga positions i still cannot sleep…right after that i needed to pee…man it was embarrassing, i thought a vacuum cleaner was installed inside there and it felt real weird…getting ur crap and urine all sucked off to dunno where…besides that i found out that i have an enormous pimple! of all the times to appear..it had to appear now!! argh!

8:42 am –there was a delay after the plane arrived, power kept tripping and yeah we were stuck in the airport for a while becoz of that…then we faced the freaking wind after we finaly got out, bloody hell it was freaking freezing! i thought my nose would fall off!!

later after some rest, we went for a walk around the block..lotsa naked trees and cool looking taxis with prison like bars adjacent the drivers seat.

i learn a new things in just one day, never bring any tau pau out the restaurant coz beggars..mostly kids will run straight to you and beg for the food…pointing to their tummies and tearfully beg for ur leftovers…its real sad

secondly, bring alot of warm clothing and be sure to put lotion on dry skin…coz it will itch like hell that it soon hurts.. i actually cut off alot from what i wanted to write..but this is not my computer so it had to do 🙂 will show the original to anyone who wants it one day…tata~!


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