Personally i am not the kind of person that likes …

Personally i am not the kind of person that likes getting involved in another persons life. Yet the pull of reading other peoples blogs is so powerful and hypnotising it has became my daily ritual to pick into other peoples thoughts.

Today is no different.

I just had to do it and click onto different links to discover what a small world we live in. I read a blog which had its emphasis on love and the writer of this wonderful blog inserted quotes by children which deeply touched me. As many people know, the innocence of children are such treasures that it makes you realise how come you are not making full use of your life.

Besides that, i found another blog, by the two chinese boys where they wrote : life is short, make fools of yourselves while you still can. Of course they meant it in a different context, it has NOTHING to do with drugs, sex or anything harmful to you and the society. For me, it obviously meant we should have fun while we still can afford it. Make full use of God’s creation and enjoy it every single moment of your life, don’t waste it by regreting in the future.

I do not usually write this way, but its because of an encounter with 2 of my oldest friends. They made me realise how much time has passed and that we have indeed changed and walk our walk of life. Making me feel extremely grateful and blessed that i have such great friends. They are my oldest friends, but that doesnt mean that my friends now are not of any help to me. They are! Without them i will be desolated and extremely SAD. Not sad as in depression but sad as in a really silly and corrupted person with no intelligible breath of life.

So, all in all, this year is a great start for me to know what i am and what i can be. Through this blogs, and my friends, they teach me how alike we all are in little ways. Not only that, it made me realise the person i was, i am and most of all the person i can become. Its never wrong to aim high and its never wrong to want something, it only depends on the peace. Shalom.

It has been a great year 2005, met great people, made great friends and learn a whole load of stuff. But most of all i grew up. I grew haha not only in size, (i lost some weight already so quit the topic…hahahahaha) but in my ways of perceiving things, on accepting people as who they are and accepting me. It has been a great life but i still have more to learn. I just hope to stay on track wherever and whenever i am.


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