Girls or Guys?

I just wonder how would it be like in a class full of girls. Currently after my years being submitted to the malaysian system i have never been stuck in a situation where the gender of my inmates are homogenus. LOL i’m being stupid with all these jargon but hey they’re fun to use!

All my life, whether it was in the 3 chinese primary schools i was in, my high school where rich brats attended (thats what i hear from EVERYONE), and my current serving place–Taylor’s college, I have not had the chance where all my classmates are of my gender. I have been in a class where boys are the majority, where there are more girls but a decent number of guys, and even in a class filled with guys(now in my class there are only 2 girls including me). Thus i have no idea how does it feel like, whether it is more fun? You get closer with your friends better? you do better in class? I wonder if gender is even a factor for our behaviour in class…

Right now in a class of high testosterone level, i don’t really feel anything, perhaps i have gotten used to it. What might give me a shock is being in a class filled with girls! I never NEVER been caught like that before. The guys are easy to bully, easy to get what you want/need from and also easy to copy homework from! I do not know about other girls, but i feel absolutely comfortable in my current environment and it feels normal to me. It’s not like i get extra high and horny just drooling over the opposite sex, no instead i feel like i am just relating to my peeps. Come to think of it…most of my friends are guys…HOWEVER, the girls who i have come to know are extraordinary people, how i wish THEY are my classmates, because truly the class would not be so awkward. we will partey day and night!!! woohoo!

So, it just made me wonder, is gender a factor for students study pattern? does it really affect the class? Of course there are obvious difference, where guys love talking about their manhood and girls like talking about the guys. So a girl in a guys class can cause a little tension as they cannot talk as freely.

Ah well, i just felt like blabbering a whole pocketful of junk. I will endeavour to write something productive the next time around.


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