amended poem

I said this before,
i am currently in a story
a story specifically
all about me.

Yet as my story progresses
more and more new characters are added in
while some of the old characters
slowly disappeared

along with that
i stumble along a few blocks
meant to bring me down
and put an early end to my story

At first i felt defeated
i was about to give up
give in
throw in the towel

then, as always,
my Jesus appeared.
this time He told me,
i am ready to learn

and bring me up my feet
pick up my bruised and battered heart
cupped it in His hands
and started to take away my pain
one by one…

after quite some time,
i felt my heart back in place
together with a new feeling
and a new emotion

the tears are coming
and it flows true
i found my fruits of the spirit
love, joy and peace..
at long last.


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