My day today.

Wow, todays a real nice day…Bums like me appreciate these kinda day. Woke up super late that even my mom’s surprised…haha, too tired and kinda stressed out with the amount of assignments and my studying. So, today is my day on strike. Bwahahaha!

It started off with my parents banging on my door and asking me if i wanna go out for lunch with them…YES I WOKE UP FREAKING LATE. actually it was brunch..not lunch but they call it lunch,…ah whatever im babbling. Then they realized i wasn’t ready and launched plan B. I was to tidy the house (or at least my room) to welcome some guests to our place…they said its just a family of caucasians. So, Karen was kicked off the brunch guest list and enlisted onto the slave department. Cleaned my room, got everything ready just perfect. Then hell striked. The phone rang and we were informed that they were not coming…all that cleaning up for nothing. FREAK. Well, its okay i guess…at least i have a clean room before 12.

Then i went and hung out with my dad the whole afternoon just looking through some notebooks and stuff. I tagged along to his office (much to his dismay) and freak the hell out of all his staff… Naturally one of them is my eternal slave. I got my slave–> my Ah Kor to belanja me Starbucks..muahahahaha, he and i are quite close so its ok. He even calls me his lil sis…but to me he’s my slave. *evil Karen grin* even bullied my slave’s boss who works under my dad. They are really nice people even though i got into a really heated argument with my Ah Kor, we made up really well after that. Its real nice talking to them and i hung out with my Ah Kor in his work slot and did my homework there. My dad saw me and started laughing…dunno what for but hahaha he seems to think its hilarious. I gotta treat my Ah Kor nicer so i’m gonna get him and his boss something. Just coz they’re nice.

When i reached home i saw the jungle near my place caught fire coz of lightning…COOL!!! you can actually see the flames licking the poor hapless trees. But it was raining so it went off soon enough. That marks the end of my day and my night is about to start…hehehehe i wonder what other troubles awaits me? *more Karen evil grins*


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