nothing important at the moment…

hahaha im totally jobless. filling 2 blogs in a day!! This is what happens when you get stuck in college the whole day on a HOLIDAY and you do work and don’t go online. Thank god i did some work though so i don’t feel so bad.

This is the weird thing about me. if i don’t have my internet and my computer up and going, i won’t be able to complete my tasks and work efficiently. This is disastrous!! but thank God that i can go to college and do my work. once again i am organized and hell will calmly break loose.

I am so happy. so happy muwahahahha! i found the formula for my report! i found it! of course with the help of my lecturer, otherwise i won’t be able to actually figure anything out at all.

Things are going so good and i am so blessed coz yesterday, my mom and i went to salvation bookstore and i bought 2 books adn a cd! ok the cd is ok, not to my taste. still, its ok..not so bad…maybe i can just give it to my mom. hahaha, the 2 books are wonderful. just wonderful, should i be nice and share it with my group members? i wonder….


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