Shyness–i’m peeved.

Just today my ME design and professional skills lecturer challenged us to speak our minds to brainstorm a title for our report. It was embarrasing that a class full of living organisms lack the guts to actually take it up, it is even more embarrasing that yours truly went with the crowd as well. Usually i would say something if i have something to say, i am never afraid to say anything. But i guess the topic was very technical and i lack the knowledge to say out anything.

That, however is not what i am so peeved about. The thing is, when i tried to encourage my friend to actually join in the discussion, they gave their feeble excuses and finally admitted that they are scared. SCARED. Of what??! That is not the worse answer, another guy shot back asking what is the point of doing so?

These people are self centered. Period.

Not only are they stingy with their knowledge, they do not want to actually help make ease the tension in the class. Our lecturer showed his displeasure and disappointment. We are in a world where people are paid to say their minds and go against the crowd. Our lecturers are actually giving us a class specifically for it, to help us harnass the ability that CEO’s are looking for.

I love speaking against the crowd, specially when i have a reason to. I am never afraid to speak out or lay everything on the floor. Yet, even though people might ask, why didn’t YOU start and maybe people will follow. This is true, however these shy people prefered that certain people are given the ‘responsibility’ to do this. They do not understand that it is actually a priviliege to have freedom of speech especially in an environment where condusive learning can be done. BAH!
They rather not humiliate themselves, keep all their knowledge and ideas to themselves because they are afraid. Gawsh, don’t they know that in the far future, this is how they are going to have to deal in the office on a day to day basis? Don’t they know that this is a skill, an ability that people are looking, seeking and paying for?

Indeed it is a disappointment that our generation of youths dare not take a stand to their beliefs. But thank God that not all youths are afraid, not all youths are shy, and not all youths are selfish. I met a few people who are not afraid to take be who they are, to present a statement and to stand up to what they hold on to. These people i respect, specially this guy who just wants to dress weird coz he wants to. Its his freedom! We shouldn’t be afraid of being humiliated, especially when you believe in something. Peer pressure is there for life, it is just up to us whether we can take up this challenge, to be ourselves.


One thought on “Shyness–i’m peeved.

  1. Hi Karen,
    Sounds like you were really frustrated at your friend’s reluctance to speak up in class today. But it seems to me important to understand that people either speak because they don’t feel well enough informed (just like you today) but otherwise it’ll be because their shyness is literally crippling. People don’t chose to be shy but when they are it can make them scared of all manner of things…particularly of showing themsevles up in front of others, of being laughed at or of making an idiot of themselves. It’s not easy feeling that way and they usually can’t help it. I have an advice blog… where I try to help people like this. You might like to visit it to find out just how difficult it can be for people who are paralysed by their own shyness.

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