something crappy

Its been ages since i updated all my blogs. Enjoying three weeks of absolute bumness, my brain juice just stopped flowing. Only when i started classes do they start flowing back again, as if an “ON” button has been pushed.

Lets try a little story telling, from the perspective of a…ghost. bwahahahaha. This should be interesting.

Day 1:
Finally, after being cursed in that wretched grave for almost a century, i am released! All because this unfortunate human dabbled into the wrong arts, how sad, how sad indeed. But whoa, did the world changed! All these tar roads EVERYWHERE. I never even heard of this area called Mont Kiara, before all these condominiums it was all jungle. Boy did the humans advanced…but at the same time annoying. With all the gadgets they have right now, all those mp3s, digital cameras and laptops,…they don’t seem to have a life beyond the four walls of their room. I say this because i am particularly annoyed with the human i’m haunting. Day in day out shes busy busy busy! so freaking busy i am not noticed! How on earth am i supposed to fulill my purpose?!?!?
Everyday she has something on, she doesn’t even notice the blood i left on her bag, her missing items and the double images on her mirror. This is a serious case of blurness. And the people she hangs out with! I don’t even understand what are they talking about half the time! What with “ten”, “set” and “heating”…these things seems to be what they talk about all the time…i mean, whats so funny about heating?!

i even heard hintings of “international conference” once in a while…i don’t even understand why does she spend so much time playing with pipes and all those power tools. I thought she’s supposed to be a lady! Apparently i slept too long…Annoying annoying. She doesn’t even go out and have fun! wakes up at the crack of dawn, go for classes and then come back at 7…OMG this is the worse experience for a ghost. i gotta be a little more creative, maybe follow up with technology and delete all her files…bwahahahah that would kill her. Must start doing my observation now…*observes*


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