Updates from 15th-19th May

After endless hours of preparations, finally the event is over and i can go back being the normal busy Karen. I was busy but i have the tendency to make myself even busier! Impossible but true.

The highlights of this week
1. Mushtak’s birthday party(19th may)

2.The interview on monday(15th may)

3. Editors to send in their letters to me and Qi-Guang(17th may)

And above all, homework, revision and assignments due.

Its quite fun though doing all that, i have some pictures to show in my other blog, at krazywriterhome.blogspot.com. I’ve decided to make this blog a place for me to update my friends and maybe a place to put up ideas. then i can get some feedback, haha. Coz im planning something BIG. *evil grin*

Mushtak’s birthday went really well. We got him 2 cakes! Me and Dr. Yousif and Dr. Marwan were the party planners…though Dr. Yousif and Marwan are more ecstatic than me. hmmm i’m wondering if i can paste the power point up on here…coz the presentation looks very nice!

Too bad Qi guang is not a krazy photographer like me, so he didn’t take a lot of pictures. Only AFTER, when i had eaten and rested, he’s so kind to lend me his camera and let me take pictures EVERYWHERE…so nice THANKS QI-GUANG!

And i’m so happy for him coz he got an offer from Sheffield!!!! i want one too!!!! *still waiting* thats what you get for sending the ucas form late…so make sure all you people who are still filling up the form! send it NOW.


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