i’m feeling very lethargic and other interesting events…

I like going for classes, i can’t deny it. I love going to college, face the lecturers, equipped with my file load of assignments and just bury myself in the huge shit pile of workload.

But as much as i enjoy being a workaholic, i can’t help feeling extra tired these days. I don’t want to say i’m stressed out because i don’t feel like it. I ENJOY doing work! I DO! Despite the fact that it takes up most of my time and makes me a completely boring person ( naw, i still have my wonderful sense of humour and my fountain of creativity, so i’m not such a lost cause.) I notice that i just can’t wake up feeling fresh…I haven’t been feeling that for a long time. Even though i took the advice to sleep more, 6-7hours!! Its more than my normal 4-5 hours of sleep. I feel terrible, but whats the point telling the whole world that you’re tired when theres so much to do!

So i’m taking a different approach, i’m gonna go play badminton and swim these few weeks. See what happens.


Today i had a chat with one of the workers in Kiosk, just opposite my college. We are well acquainted and always poke around each other having fun. Today, it took to a different twist when i told her that i am finally going to go back to my hometown to visit my grandfather. She went totally high…and when i say high its like, she started speaking a few octaves higher than her usual tone and it seems that she tuned up her volume button! I was like whoa! talk about exaggerating. Then, she started telling me about her past and i found out a whole load of colourful things about her. Things i would never asked or even plan to find out about. People seemed to find it relatively easy to tell me stuff…though its uncomfortable, it helps me look at people differently, to think before i judge and to try stepping into their shoes…staring at the big, unpredictable, beautiful world. Such irony, its painstakingly beautiful yet it has a dark, eerie beauty that wants to suck all the sanity left in you, leaving you to rot in the mental house.

All i know is, i’m never gonna let other people take control of my future, the way it turned out for her. Its scary to be trapped, and never allowed to act freely, never to have a choice or a chance to start over. It scares me.

Anyways, updates for the week!
1) EE quiz tomorrow and Alibre
2)Training tomorrow as well..some data acquisition..thingy
3)MMECMP quiz on wednesday
4)Maths Quiz on Thursday
5)Thermodynamics Quiz on Friday
6)Extra class for dynamics on wednesday from 3-5pm.

*I wonder when’s dynamics quiz…
**My darling boyfriend is gonna call me tonight!! hahaha, its important news for me 😛

7) Static mixers planning chart…bleh. Poor Kim and Karen..we’re the blurrest when it comes to this project 😦 I’m determined not to let anyone look down at us!! We’re gonna read up and do all our research! YAH!

I tried take a photo of Yi Xian and Kim Yoong peeing…of course they were not peeing for real, they were supposed to pose behind a table or something while they shoot water out a syringe…making them look like theyre peeing…LOOOL unfortunately, the video i took of them is too blur. *sighs* better luck next time!


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