Just another day. and whats with the gay issues?

Ahhhh it was a freakingly hot day…*groans* it got better when the air-conditioning broke down in an extremely stuffy lecture theatre. Thank God not everyone was present, otherwise there will be a 90 watt increment of heat emitted from each of our breathing bodies.
**My lecturer said so…lol he also says when we move we produce 120 watts of…heat? i don’t know, it doesn’t sound right but it did made me fidget less.
Had to sacrifice my comfort soon and expose myself to the harmful UV rays just to meet up with a couple of jolly people. Had good talk, decent food, but a horrible walk back. I had to rush for class because i didn’t want to offend the lecturer, also i didn’t want to be made the center of attention and being addressed for my tardiness. So, RAN up the stairs and reached the room…thank god it was cool enough. But we had extra class until 5…Dynamics. Honestly i tried my best but i just couldn’t get even a microscopic amount of information into my brain. NOTHING.ZIP. Wonderful, i wasted an hour of note taking with nothing in my head.

At least we ended an hour early, thanks to the Bio-medical students who came to claim their class…bwahahaha, otherwise i’d have pierced my ear. I was planning to hop onto the ktm and stop by Midvallley where, just to spite everyone else i will have my 5th piercing. with a totally lame reason, so that it fits my name…hahaha but i think its cool. I’m thinking of getting a tattoo as well…that would just get me killed by every living being who associates with me.


Alright, down to business. I notice that each blog i peruse has something to say about homosexuality…Some are against it, some with it, some praying that they will change their ways because of religious reasons. I just don’t understand why on earth are people so “kepo” (translation: busy body). It has nothing to do with them, their boyfriends are not gay, the gay friends are not interested in them and its not gonna harm them…Where on earth is the hurt? I just read a friends blog, which i shall not reveal…i need to retain some decency in me since i AM bashing her statement. She quoted that her friend has a crush on this guy. However, eversince founding out that her particular crush was a homosexual, she was CRUSHED. I had no comment and can only stare at the screen with my mouth agaped.

What the hells the problem??? Its only a crush, why do you think the guy didn’t go after you?


Then she goes on claiming that this hurts other people, gay relationships are wrong because we exist to reproduce…bla bla bla. Honestly if we were born only to reproduce i wonder what the hell the nuns and priests are here for. ( no offence to any reading nuns and priests, i think you guys rock because of your commitment) Fine, we are of different sexual organs, to reproduce, but is that the main purpose of your life? If it is, all i can say is i pity you…You’re gonna live your life-fulfilling journey by having sex, have a few kids and the end. Wow, exciting.

I think theres more to life than just having kids. Sure kids are cute and it is an honour to bring life into this world. But, shouldn’t there be more? Shouldn’t there be more to look forward to, to achieve and to learn? If you think gay people can’t hve children. Thats where you are wrong. They can adopt!! DUH~! So they are contributing to the society. pffft, i don’t see anything wrong man. Just leave them alone and stop addressing this issue. I mean, they just wanna live life, and let life. Besides, i’m gay and my boyfriends lesbian….lol!


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