my letter to a blog

After weeks of neglect, i can finally come back to my blog!!

Dear blog,

I’m so sorry for completely ignoring and not updating you these past few weeks. See its for a really important reason.

I had tonnes of assignments, and all of them were dued at the same time! What could i do but to rush and finish it? I was so busy with revising for my finals, the newsletter and church activities and many more stuff dear blog. Not to mention the time i have to spare for my Davii.

I am a busy girl blog, you are not my whole world unfortunately. I know you feel hurt, dejected and miserable. I bet you’re thinking, after all this time of pouring out your feelings to the world with me as your tool….i am not appreciated! I am not even worth a thought?!

Sad to say blog…yeah you’re right. I didn’t even spare a thought. What can i say?


I know you’re hurt, but you’ll get over it. Yes i can even hear you protesting as i am writing this to you, you’re wondering so what about the past we shared?

Theres nothing there. I was a silly girl with a wild imagination….i still am just that i use different tools to potray them….Don’t ask me if theres another blog im using! YOU should know by now that i can’t commit to one blog only! oh now ur asking how many…lemme see…1,2,3…yeah i have 5 blogs. Oh shut up you blog! Stop your ridiculous hysterics.

HEY at least i apologize right..not like i’m gonna shut you down won’t that hurt even more? I’m still keeping you but i won’t be using you that often thats all. You’re lucky that at least chu may asked for an update otherwise i’d completely forgotten about you. Anyways im gonna go visit my other blogs. You be good and have fun.

Your blogger,
Krazy CEO

Hahahahaha i wonder what would it be like to write something like this to your ex or something. Hilarious.


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