Saying goodbye to my friends

Saying good bye isn’t as easy as i thought it would be. Often i would scorn all those people who’d get all sappy and mushy when someone we know leaves. I’d always tell them like the smart alec i tend to be most of the time:

Yeesh, he/shes only gonna be gone for a short time. They’ll be back before you
even know it! So wish them a safe journey and be strong!

OR in other cases i’d have to tell the fellow who’s departing to chill…

Now i’m getting the chilly willies…getting all nervous and emotional and sappy at the same time. Its rather disturbing but my friends are telling me, hehe its “normal”.

The more i talk to my friends the more they make me not want to leave…they made me so sad just thinking of leaving my comfort zone, my home and stuff like that. All cept for one though. My brother 🙂
Thats him right there…i know i look simply
atrocious but its meant to be that way 😛

He’s the closest friend i’ve ever got and we are
as close as we can be. That’s why he’s my brother!

Better than a best friend, and always encouraging me…he’s the only one who reminds me that going to Sheffield was my idea and i shouldn’t be sad to leave everyone behind.
As long as i keep in touch ^.^

I’m already missing me broooo…

Besides that there are tonnes of my other close friends but of course theres the singers 🙂 they are a buncha talented lot whom i hang out with most of the time practicing, making fun of each other..making em laugh when we’re sound checking…*cough* HAZEL *cough*

hehehehe here we are. ME, the karen in blue, then its Candy, Hazel and Florence!

Candy always say we sound like a girl band when we sing…hahahaa its true coz we’re all girls dear! pluus the 3 of you have high pretty voices.

The 3 of them have their own unique personalities, which makes them so special to me. of course they wouldn’t hear this in person but…yeah they all rock. Hazels determined 🙂
She can get what she wants!
Florence is like a spiritual grandmama, she has this astounding amount of wisdom and this aura of comfort that makes it easy for me to tell her stuff.
Candy is my best friend on stage. bwahahahaha, she and i are the ones making our own drama and doing all the silly stuff.

I have more pictures of my friends but for some reason i can’t post it up all at once, it’ll be up in a separate post but in this one, i just wanna tell you guys i’m definitely gonna miss you guys a lot. Thanks for being in my life 🙂
Its definitely in my lifes highlights. lotsa stories i can tell Jesus about you guys!


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