Here in UK

heya friends!!

Karens arrived in uk safe and sound after 17 grueling hours of butt breaking agony.

But thank God that He showered favour and protection over me all the way, its so cool, everywhere my friend and i went, theres always someone nice and accomodating to help make our passage smoother.

Besides that, i was sooo glad that i managed to go through immigration without any hassle, and get my luggage…lol i almost couldnt recognize it. coz everyones looked the same!!!
However my friend got delayed and another friends luggage got stuck in Dubai…

my rooms nice and cozy, its not like my own room at all. only been through one night here, so its not too bad 😀
freakingly cold though, coz i hvnt bought my duvet i had to sleep with just the covers…lol sangat the sad but i survived the night.

Theres more to be said but i have to go now….its 10 minutes to 7:30 in the evening and theres a welcome meeting i gotta attend.

i will blog as soon as i am able.


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