still trying to post pics

hahaha the jakunness, this creature was wondering how come theres so many things dropping on the ground and was hoping to catch some 😀

Living in UK so far, *even though this is my 2nd week* its fun, i learnt to take the bus, the super tram, the train, coach..whatever. I tried most of it, went to all the supermarkets just to know wheres everything. Walk most of the way…Yeah i spent half an hour just to reach my campus. Its a good walk though, nice view, cool weather, nothing to complain about.
Be patient my little ones, but more photos will come out soon as soon as i got it all sorted out. My faithful picasa has finally went bonkers and well i can’t post up all my pictures. So i might just need to use another program for it. Till then, contemplate on this picture, think of how elated this creatures feeling and the jakunness it has. Posted by Picasa


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