Extremely BUSY

Busy but i still have time to walk around, have fun and enjoy the wonderful scenery Sheffield has to offer. Even the view outside my window proved to be scenic and relaxing.

Thank God for that!

I’ve been using tonnes of papers trying to draw the archimedes screw and doing some 3D drawing. Its not difficult to draw but the archimedes screw is an absolute monster! With its angles and its shape, regardless being a great invention, i hate its guts. Die archimedes screw! DIE!

Besides getting acquainted with the Archimedes Screw, I also made a few more friends. Theres Solids laboratory report, Heat Transfer Oral Presentation (Not due yet, December), Maths a.k.a. AMA 253 tutorial shits, i mean sheets. Not forgetting Materials!

Dynamics and i broke off for a while. Our relationship will resume when another report is dued.

I took loads and loads of pictures on Sunday! T’was a productive Sunday. Spent time in the computer lab, doing my research and my report, then went for a refreshing walk at Endcliffe Park. Its AWESOME!

Theres ducks, pidgeons, all the little critters of the woods and dawgs! Cute, small, big, furry, scary looking, they’re all there! Its also hounded by the million and one kids that lives within the parks radius. Families, couples and the health conscious were out there having the time of their life.

I truly am enjoying myself 🙂

Pictures will come soon, when i’m done with the Archimedes Screw.


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