okok sorry i’ve been busy!!

Lots of things had happened but i can’t recall all of them. Just bear with me a moment.

1. Went to Nottingham, met my friends mates, played with firecrackers.

2. Halloween Bar Crawl, didn’t drink much, i was afraid of getting pissed.

3. Day light savings started so now the time difference is 8 hours.

4. Its getting colder by the day.

5. I went to Nottingham again for aikido. I’m very active in Aikido 😛 Even got me a Gi! (Uniform)

6. Studying in the computer room with my mad friend Liz. Hating my report now.

7. Fell ill. Getting better now.

8. We all wanna kill ourselves.

I guess thats all for now. I’m telling the truth when i say i haven’t have time to be in front of my computer to do other stuff..(besides watching some anime at 2 in the morning). Things fine here. Ehm…write more and ask me questions so that i’d actually have something to write about.


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