Back from Edinburgh!

Everything everyones told me about Edinburgh being a beautiful place turned out to be true, they said i would love it and yes thats true too!

Though i have to say the Edinburgh castle is the highlight for my visit. Its sad that i didn’t take any pictures when i was there ( i sad is that), but theres always memories and a friend to share it with. I went with my friend Rick, everyone else was still in bed when we set off at half past eight in the morning. There was no queue and very few people which was good! We get to have the whole place to ourselves and walked with ease. There were a few enthusiastic japanese people taking pictures and it was funny because they were blocking the road! Cute.

We visited the Royal arms…something, where they have all the weapons, armours/uniform, artifacts and documentaries. We even got a look at the katana! Apparently it was owned by a brave japanese who attempted to take on a tank full of people on his own but got caught instead and his katana was confiscated from him. Then we saw the Nazi flag, which Rick gave a nice spitful of love. After that we proceeded to the dungeons and prisons. Those places were SCARY! Its dark, shadows casted everywhere and we keep seeing shadows of people, (of course it was simulated to look green, scary and eerie), they had a good overall sound system which effectively freaked the shit out of me and Rick. We had a good laugh later on. The freakiest part was when we went into this posh prison, looked posh to me because it wasn’t dark, dingy and i think it was for the officers who deserted, and guards who fell asleep during their shift. All the doors were opened except one which aroused both our curiosity and we started fiddling with the locks and everything else we can lay hold on the door. Rick got bored and wandered off to the otherside of the prison while i was persistant and kept on staring, prodding and just looking at the door. I was standing quietly for sometime, when suddenly the stationary padlock started rattling violently! I thought to myself: OH HELL NO! Without thinking twice, i ran for my dear sweet life, screaming like there was no tommorrow! Rick looked at me wide eyed and asked: WHAT WHAT WHAT!?!?! I told him of my paranormal experience and he being the man told me: LETS GET OUTTA HERE!

Yep, we both scampered off, me clinging onto his arm and hiding my face from the prison. I was sooooo freaked out! Rick was laughing his arse off because of my expression. Darn him, he was scared too!

After our walk, we got back to the hostel and went for a 5 hour intensive aikido training. That was great fun! Learn alot of stuff that session.

Later on, we decided to take care of our own meals during our stay in Edinburgh and forked out a fiver each (7 of us, so its 35 quid of allowance). With that we managed to get dinner and breakfast and leftovers to share! Have great pictures to share :

Before we board the train to Edinburgh in Dev Cat

Scott our commander!

Johanne and Simon in charge of the Chilli

 Ricks head, and me tasting my first…i forgot the name of the thing that looks like a green penis(celine’s words)

Celine attacking the mushrooms

Chris and the green penis looking thing with me laughing behind

Chris and Celine with their yummylicious thing

The chilli!! YUM

Everyone working hard

The crew (i took the picture :D)

Johanne–biggest bully in the world      Simon      James–the one taking all the pictures in the kitchen, also a bully      Chris and his grin!       Scott and I 

Celine!      Rick and ice cream!       dscn1696.JPG     dscn1700.JPG       dscn1699.JPG

We had a great time cooking, went out to the pub where we had even more fun! Started massaging a whole lot of people and even got some requests from total strangers! The whole bar was merry, loud and jam-packed. I felt like a sardine the whole time, but it was a great experience listening to rowdy Scots singing, drinking and rubbing people’s asses. Poor Rick was a victim of one GIANT but handsome looking Scot, hahaha i wished i took a picture of his expression!

On Sunday, we made our own breakfast (a fry up prepared by the guys!), yummy! I was getting a little restless not having anything to do after cleaning up, so i attacked the guys. Chris was prepared for any attack and even stood in a stance to receive my kicks! Well, he reminds me of Himura Kenshin (anime, battousai the manslayer), because he’s cool and lighting fast. After playing for a bit, i got tired and everyone was ready to move so we went on for more training! YAY! Johanne got a little violent after we were changed in the sports centre, and we both got into a struggle, more like my legs being hoisted up in the air and him applying the techniques on me. Talk about being in an undignified position. Celine was more like our mama throughout the whole trip and tried to discipline all her kids, however at that time she wasn’t around so i was flailing about the floor like a fish trying to wriggle my way out of Johannes’ iron grip! Everyone else thought it was hilarious and laughed. I guess it can be quite entertaining watching silly people doing their thing.  During this trip, Scott is always the first one ready, and the one leading the troops in any walk/journey/excursions. With our mama beside him of course, telling him to slow down coz Scott’s speed is like a ferrarri and i’m like a little beaten up car thats trying to catch up with him. Everyone else has been normal, sane and its very obvious we all had a great time!

Edinburgh is a beautiful, noisy and pleasant place to be. Its so full of life and fun! I definitely want to go back there and fully appreciate the beauty and fun it has to offer.


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