2 a.m.


 Came back from aikido practice feeling absolutely knackered after a lonng hard but happy day, and as usual i’d go hang out with the members. Tonights only the three of us were up for a drink : Tim, Rick and me.

For the first time i drank  more than my quota = 1 pint of any alcoholic substance.

I drank 1 and 1/2 pints of farmers stout. It does not taste so bad, tolerable really. But it got me slurring, wobbly and as Rick would call it: spongy. We were even comparing the fat we have around our waist! Tell me, what normal, living, breathing female would actually go around comparing the fats she has with guys?!

Me, apparently.

But then again i don’t have as much fat as before…bwahahahha, *proud of myself*

We were in a passionate discussion of our grading syllables, asking questions, what were expected to know, what can we do to improve, and all our shit break falls, it was definitly something worth talking about.

When we were done, i was in short : wasted. Red faced, unsteady knees and a big mouthful of crap was flowing out like a waterfall. How ladylike.

The journey back home was a laugh, mostly with Rick laughing at my sordid condition. And me needing the loo multiple times. He told me that i would definitely get a full nights rest tonight! I would be knocked out til morning!


What’s in farmers stout anyway?!

I was the only living soul walking around the halls, and i met up with a friend who lives just upstairs and she found out about my 2 am excursion round the place. Felt sorry for me but what can she do? lol. I’m never drinking more than my quota…EVER.


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