Babies ~ Oh how I LOVE them!

I was walking around the streets of Sheffield after a bout of lectures for the day when i saw this mom pushing a stroller. In the stroller, one really inquisitive looking baby with the WIDEST, BLUEST and most BEAUTIFUL eyes just stared straight at me!  I had to fully restrain myself from going up to the stroller, pick up the baby and converse in gibberish with the baby, scaring the mom in the process.

Nope, I did not do anything as suicidal as that. However, I couldn’t control my response to the baby’s interest to me and gave out a sound. (can’t remember what but it gave away my position!) Mama looked at me and the baby, obviously she’s so proud of the baby, who’s so ADORABLE, CUTE AND AWESOME! At the age of 19, my inborn maternal instincts are starting to surface. *Wants to grab the baby and run*

Since i can’t afford to have babies yet, I’d have to do with baby pictures. Here are a couple i robbed from the net! :

Flower baby

Ohhh should I ask mama to get me a new pacifier?? hummmmmm

Hiya babes~ RAWR

Its the Big, Blue eyes!

I am too young to have babies, even though I had the experience of taking care of some. Adorable little creatures that will wail, cause hail and bring the house down with you. They poop everywhere, anywhere, in their own time. Hungry and hyperactive most of the time, runs around screaming, laughs with glee and cries with so much passion the neighbours come complaining. *sighs* its a full time job taking care of these creation of God. I wonder how did my mom coped with me? Must’ve been really tough. Thanks mama.


2 thoughts on “Babies ~ Oh how I LOVE them!

  1. Hi Karen!! Your mom gave me your blog address! Wah… into babies these days… BTW, baby Brandon arrived 5 Nov. We just had his fullmoon party last Sunday… Anyways, take care and see you soon!

  2. AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats just awesome! Pass on loads of hugs and kisses from me! i will definitely come see him when i come back in Summer!

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