Reports, Labs, EXAMS!!!

I have temporarily turned into an insomanic freak. Doing the hours at night, reading, studying, trying to get somethings into this head of mine.

Owh i feel the painnnn…pain.jpg

However, theres drinking to think about tonight! YEAH! I can’t believe I actually want a drink though….a lightweight like me would not survive the night.

Perhaps drinking on its own represents that I have free time and i can allow myself this time to binge and enjoy myself before facing a horrible day tomorrow.


Got back from practice, and yeap went for a pint. It wasn’t much but it got to me already! As usual i had alot of fun at training, learning cool new stuff and practicing the breakfalls.

But the fun part was when i reached home, i hung out with one of my mates and we were sooooo HUNGRY! Well, i wasn’t that hungry but the poor girl was starving! So, we head off to Broomhill and got pizza, ahhh nothing like eating out in the cold. haha!

I’m getting hungrier than usual these days, perhaps the cold does make a person hungry. But in another perspective, the body would strive to keep in the energy and decrease the metabolism level, storing the fat to keep the body warm. SO, shouldn’t the person be less hungrier and if they eat more, they get fatter? I’m getting just a tad confused because some people say that the fat would be used up quicker than usual adn the person will then get thinner during the colder weather. GAH!

Anyways, Reports! Labs! EXAMS!  The work load is not as heavy as usual but i still have alot of studying to do…Gonna be a geek Saturday morning and visit the library.


One thought on “Reports, Labs, EXAMS!!!

  1. nah.. winter’s the time people usually put on weight ay.. cos it’s cold, so you tend to want to eat eat eat! =S

    sad, but true.

    going back to KL in a week! I don’t know if i’m excited or not.. Staying alone in Brunei hotel for a night. Gonna be quite weird. I hope I get wireless internet for free in the hotel, though unlikely.

    *sigh* gonna be quite boring there i think. not staying at angkupuri when i go back.. at a new house in serendah or something.. which is apparently an hour from KL itself. Heh. so once we go out, we wont be home till late.


    anyway.. do you go to church there?

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