X’mas Eve Celebration 2006

Twas a cold, lovely grey day when Qi guang and I set off to Eileen’s place. We were on our way for our little christmas potluck! With the ingredients in my back pack and a warm coat on, we set off to Eileens place.

I was a little nervous because this is my FIRST time cooking for someone. Its no big deal to cook for yourself, coz you wouldn’t care as long as theres food. Now, the true test comes where not only must my food look edible, its got to be edible as well! I decided that i was gonna cook a simple dish–CURRY. I got potatoes, apples, parsely, red onion, cili padi, carrots, yellow chilli pepper, and chicken. Cut them all up and it looked like i brought the right portion of stuff. But when i dumped them into the pot, i realised….this dish has TONNES of vegetables in it! well, thank god it tasted good. We even managed to finish it….I have to admit it myself, it DID taste good 😀 Qi guang and Eileen said its good too!


Me and my curry


My lovely Curry

Besides my dish, Qi guang was in charge of the starter, dessert and entertainment. He put on loads of nostalgic music which made me think of home. Westlife, kelly clarkson…All these music that i played frequently back when i was still in Malaysia,…i was getting a little teary while cutting my onions….hahahah bodoh. Anyway, Qi-Guang prepared a dish he saw on tv, don’t know whats the name of it but it tastes AWESOME! Its mushroom wrapped up with ham with cheese baked to perfection…..*drools* its juicy and melty like when its in my mouth….gahhhhhh sangat sedap!

Qi-Guang and his dish

The “dish”

Then Eileen prepared this wonderful tray of Chicken wings….its sad, but we forgotten to take a picture of it coz it was in the oven…it smelled so good we couldn’t help but pounce on it once its out! Leaving no thought of taking a picture of it, the memory of it stays in our satisfied tummies. Dear Eileen, your chicken wings are delicious and wonderfully juicy!

Right after our wondrous meal accompanied with the beautiful glasses of wine….mmmmm thats a proper meal. We killed time cleaning up, watching two movies….i was tearing when watching Billy Elliot…but malu la i didn’t want to cry so hard in front of my friends. haha. The hitch hikers guide to the galaxy is worth a laugh! Definitely something to watch with friends during a quiet christmas night. 😀

When we exhausted our tv entertainment, we proceeded to the room to talk, catch up and at the stroke of midnight, we went into a photo taking frenzy! It was a laugh but its what we do best! This is a wonderful christmas coz i get to share it with my friends from back home, who share the same feelings as i do. Even though we don’t readily admit it, but we do miss home. The warm and comfortable atmosphere we easily take for granted, but only when we are a million miles away from the normality that we actually understand. There is no place like home. I miss everyone back home, its not the same despite all the great people here taking care of me, nothing can compare to the crazy sisters i have, to my parents, my friends back home whom i’ve gone through good and tough times. Yep. I’m fine here, but i still miss you guys, even the tough person can feel so emo..hahaha! Merry Christmas everyone, God bless you all!

 Looking weird here   imgp0668.JPG   imgp0669.JPG   imgp0671.JPG  imgp0672.JPG  imgp0673.JPG  imgp0674.JPG  MIDNIGHT







One thought on “X’mas Eve Celebration 2006

  1. Haha I miss ya too! well I think every one does.. Even your krazy sisters 😛 they felt liek somethign was missing on Christmas.. so sad 😦 but Hey they enjoyed thier midnight chattign on skype with me 😛 Haha, okies God bless!

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