Exams are over and PLENTY of plans!

Yeap it was a hectic time, that exam period! Endless sleepless nights, bottles of coca-cola(my substitute for caffeinne), and stressful meals…finally comes to an end! And i will soon embark upon a new semester, ready to tackle new modules and get training for aikido!

Many many programs going on for the new sem:

1. Kangeiko! Winter 24/7 challenge! Do aikido training for 24 hours in a span of one week and stand a chance to win a real cool t-shirt! Give yourself a challenge and see how fit you are!

2. The final night of the Kangeiko will be the eve of Chinese New Year and we will be celebrating this festive season alongside with the aikido mo fo’s. Cool Asian meals will be served (all chefs are the chinese members from aikido, i’m cooking!!)

3. Then it’ll be the student nationals! the 17th and 18th of March! GO SHEFFIELD UNI!!!

I’m sure theres alot more but i really can’t remember all the dates.

Good news here: We found a really nice place to stay for the next academic year and its within distance of the university! Woohoo! I won’t have to walk for one hour to and fro Uni anymore! šŸ˜€

**I have loads of new books and i am gonna get my aikido jumper soon…all set for student nationals! I’m definitely planning to compete and beat some arses out there! **

Can’t wait for classes to start! 5th of February!!!


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