Salvation shop sells cool looking bibles!

no more drab, religious looking bibles being the only look for our bibles anymore! Nowadays, bibles come in so many different sizes and looks! I found out about this when recently i came home to Malaysia and ransack my sisters library. I can see that most of the books in her “library”…are mine. Anyways, getting side tracked there, i saw this nice polka dot covered book and was really impress with it, i thought that was a hell cool looking note book!

Note books come to my mind immediately coz i thought well, people always carry note books to identify themselves. Everyone has their preference, and since my sister loves writing short stories, i figured that this is her new notebook for stories! Upon inspecting it, i found out its a bible!!! OMG SO COOL LOOKING.

My bible is the brown leather cover with golden embossed words : BIBLE. Hers has POLKA DOTS! Then i chanced a visit to the Salvation army shop and saw a whole shelf of cool looking bibles! Some has multi colour stripes, some has flowers and some has looking designs. *makes me want to get one*

But no, i already have 2. Thats more than enough.



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