Animals and People

There are a couple of people i meet, and truly they have the worse attitudes a person could ever have. They are selfish and unable to think on another person’s perspective. What matters most to them is whatever that will benefit them.

Not only are they selfish, they are hypocrites as well! They act all nice and shy. Oh the perfect, friendly person who would go all the way to help you. But behind that facade lies a ferocious beast which only unleashes itself when you least expect it. Imagine the shock other people will get once they meet up with the second half.

It reminds me of some animals you find in the wild, where it is able to keep itself unnoticed until the last moment and POUNCE on its prey.

Also theres another insect i think, that eats its own just to survive.

When we think about it, animals and people are more or less the same when it comes to our raw emotions.

ARGH enough rambling. Better write a proper post the next time.


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