Time Flies.

It’s already week 10! I just can’t believe that the Christmas vacation is coming so soon!

Unfortunately for me, it will not be a relaxing holiday, just gonna be studying for my upcoming exams in the middle of January and early February. Woohoo. Yes, feel the sarcasm.

I can’t help but feel very motivated to study yet very lazy to get out of bed.

I don’t want to have to get up and go for lectures yet i want to be in the lecture theatre.


Well, picked up a very interesting site after reading my friend’s blog here:


That post leads to  http://www.time.com which i hope will keep me up to date with the world. No newspapers here, no tv, no radio! I feel so lost. Thank goodness for internet connection.

Besides that i had a lot of projects, now they’re all done. All thats left is my final year projects interim report. Which needs to be handed in next Friday. No problem since i’ve already started. The only thing I’m worried about is conducting the experiments. Eeks.  I should not be worried about it since a Phd student offered to help me with the setting up and to go through the software. Need to brush up my knowledge!


I had a chocolateful evening. Had hot chocolate with a tower of whip cream and chocolate powder, along with a plate of chocolate fudge cake dressed with 2 scoops of gorgeous ice-cream, chocolate sauce and condensed milk. I nearly died and went to chocolate heaven.

Alright, now onto Aikido, something just stirred in me. I’ve never felt it before but I have this very strong competitive feeling. Must be because the competitions coming up. Planning to bosh some people onto the mat just to hone my skills. Need to beat a certain someone…Grrrr…

I want a pug.

This post is just so random.  And it doesn’t even suit the post title. Well, maybe a little. Hmmm.


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