Many months from now (MONTHS OMG), I will soon graduate and I’ll HAVE to get a job.

Half of me is screaming: DAMMIT!!!

The other half goes: Yayyyyy start working and no more studying!

Not sure which one should I opt for.

Anyways, it got me thinking of owning my own pad one day. Oh nothing too savvy but something comfortable enough for me to call home.

Which got me browsing IKEA’s catalogue. No I can’t afford it yet but there’s no harm dreaming eh?

Oh of course my bedroom would be the funky one with the MANDAL headboard and shelves. Its definitely the one for me. Its just screaming out to me: PICK ME! PICK ME!

Its such an exquisite feeling being surrounded by books! It doesn’t work in my current bedroom as its too small and i don’t have enough room to satisfy my lust for filling every inch of space with BOOKS.

That beautiful headboard and the stairs bookcase….I could just burst with all the unnaturally happy feelings inside of me!


3 thoughts on “Bedrooms

  1. Hey Sis!

    what are mormons? hahaha you gonna be staying in UK eh? looking for a jobby over there? hmm and by pad u mean a room right? haha my british slang words have not been updated for so long! =p

    Your bro Chris

  2. Search for mormons on the internet bro, wikipedia definitely has an article about them.

    I won’t be staying in the UK, i will be coming home to Malaysia! Don’t you miss me bro? Oh and i’m not sure if ‘pad’ is a british term, it might actually be american! Its just a slang i picked up from reading, lol and i actually meant it as to a home/small apartment.

    But if i can find a job here i’d definitely take the opportunity otherwise i’d definitely go back.

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