Ecclesall Woods

A day trip to the woods.


A friend and I just decided to hop on a bus and take a trip down to the woods and see what the fuss is all about.

After spending almost the whole afternoon there, we found that the place was worth the fuss. Its absolutely gorgeous!

With its cool freshness and the woody scent. The place just emits a “FRESH” flavour.

There were uprooted trees and we took some pictures posing next to whats left of once a grand tree. There was also a stream which has so much iron ore in it that it gives out a bright orange colour! Something I didn’t expect since everywhere just looks green or brown.

Some places look just like a scene from a story book with its crystal clear streams and little bridges with proper nature background sounds.

It was an experience of a lifetime.

Right on our walk, we just thought we heard a sound like a train. As we continue our walk, well I’ll be! It really was a train! Near in the middle of nowhere! It wasn’t those huge monster trains you see in the news that was derailed and such. These were the cutest trains on earth! Miniature trains for kids and parents to ride on for a mere 60p!

Of course being a shameless person, I dragged my poor embarrassed friend and we enjoyed the most exciting train ride I’ve ever seen in my lifetime!

The place was overrun with children, parents, candy, balloons. And the both of us stick out like a sore thumb but we don’t care anyway.

We end the day after a nice leisurely stroll in the nearby park, I was tempted to walk back to the town centre but we bought an all day bus ticket so I have to forget about that idea.

Anyway, at the end of the day, we were satisfied and really happy we spent a really nice day out in the woods.

I can’t wait for my next day trip out!

By the streamA streamful of iron oreThe miniature Trains!!


2 thoughts on “Ecclesall Woods

  1. Hi, I’m a lecturer teaching students geology and natural history at Sheffield university. I was looking for a photo of one of the ‘orange’ streams in Ecclesall Woods and your photo on this post dated March 2008 popped up in Google! May I have permission to use it in my lecture slides? I will of course credit your blog post and any other information you want me to include.

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