Zettai Kareshi AKA Absolute Boyfriend

Robot maker, Kronos Heaven, finally develops “Night Tenjo”, the perfect male humanoid programmed to be devoted and completely loyal to his lover. The company chooses temp worker Izawa Riko to take part in a 5-day free trial. At first, Riko only sees Night as a household appliance. But when she finds out how deep Night’s devotion to herself is, Riko finds herself falling in love with him. Joining the love triangle is Asamoto Soshi, a distinguished young executive at her company who has feelings for her.

I’ve read the manga for this before and I was most of the times in tears as i get nearer and nearer to the end of the story.

I’m especially excited now that its made into a drama and airing now! Even though its not exactly the same as the comic, the casting of the character was done pretty well, i can’t help but like this version!

A must watch!

Its just tooooo CUTE!

Zettai Kareshi


2 thoughts on “Zettai Kareshi AKA Absolute Boyfriend

  1. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I noticed an anomaly in the picture. That doll like figure doesn’t have nipples! OMG! I can’t believe I just said that… *runs and hide*

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