Absolute Boyfriend – Zettai Kareshi so far…

Its an ongoing series and episode 6 has just been released on mysoju.com!

In the beginning, I just thought it was a cute show and that the ‘ideal boyfriend’ was being plain annoying, the designer definitely have some disturbing complex on how a male person should portray himself as ‘perfect’.

Ugh it just sends shivers done my spine thinking about it…yech.

But now, after episode 6, gosh its so touching it made me cry! But then again this time the protagonist’s parents were involved and I can’t help feeling more touched, not only because I feel strongly when it comes to family affairs but that the robot, was becoming more and more human!

Gosh the painful comments the robot always gets. Its so unfair, sometimes i just want to slap alot of people on the show…

Ah well best be off now and check out other handsome actors. hehehe.


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