Second one coming and ONE to go!

My 2nd paper is gonna start in 2 hours time!! Thankfully its maths paper, so as long as the theory is understood there shouldn’t be a problem.

So thankful that one of my previous group member offered to do some revision together and also to help me out!! I didn’t expect that! Spent 4.5 hours doing hard core revision!

I’ve never done that before~~~

So yeah, I can’t wait to see what’s going to be on the paper today, it will be a good paper in Jesus’s name!

Next one will be on this coming Saturday. Hmmm an essay paper, haven’t written an essay in donkey’s years!





*craving for curry*

Oh there’s this manga : Addicted to curry. Really really funny and interesting story line with a touch of romance and a dash of drama in it. It also has various EASY curry recipes for anyone to try cook curry!

Addicted to Curry

Me like curry, yum yum.


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