Howdy ShinyThongWearer

Ugh this is disgusting, I have not blogged for so long and so many changes already! But I’ll have to admit, if there weren’t any changes it would be boring. WordPress is definitely more pleasant to look at now.

Letters to Shinythongwearer is going to be the theme for my blog now. I need motivation to keep up this space. Not that it needs any looking after really.

Anyways here it goes!

Dear ShinyThongWearer,

How’s it going? Purchased any new thongs lately? I hope the silver one i bought is not the only one you own. No worries, I’m sure we can amend that when I come back.

By the way, I will be setting out to a place I have not set foot on before, I’m going to Penang! Heard that there’s lots of good food there. I also heard that their dish “Char Kuey Tiao” is especially famous that everyone would travel there just for the dish! I will definitely give it a try and find out which place is the best for our next visit.

Aside from that, I bought a new basketball and the best part about it is I got it real cheap. Dirt CHEAP! So get to play the sport once more, its really taxing after not practicing for so many years! those were the days when Iwould effortlessly bound around the court and shoot hoops. Well, at least it gets me back to shape. Rather not turn into a slab of meat laying about the area.

Anything new going on where you are? Hope the weather is holding and that you are well. I will update you somemore when I have the mood. Take care and hear from you soon!

Love always,



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