Adventurous Sunday

Heya ShinyThongWearer,

How’s it going with you? I had an incredible day yesterday, just decided that morning itself, after finishing a story book “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho that I should just go out and do something different.

Amazing, what books can influence us to think or do!

Anyway, I thought to myself as I walked to the nearest plaza, to do what I always did when I was at England, and the first place I visited was Starbucks! Yes, nothing beats drinking a nice cup of cold beverage while enjoying a book.

Randomly, I noticed that the people in Starbucks (there were 6 in total including me) all have the same laptops, a mug of coffee and a book or document next to them! I found the repetitive image amusing and just smiled to myself. I think the hilarity of the image would be better appreciated if you’re around with me, we might just crack a few jokes about them just for the sake of it.

While I was there, I tried a new flavour of the frapuccino, green tea. It tasted exactly like the haagen daaz green tea ice cream. Creamy.You should try it, you might like it since you like sweet things.

After I finished my drink, walked around the flea market. There are alot of things there! I ended up buying another book (2nd hand, Sophie’s World!), bought some gifts to send to you and scott. Also made a new acquaintance in the process! I’d say thats pretty good going for the day so far.

Well, since my money was running out, I thought best I go home before I purchase something else. On the way, my mom’s friend saw me and picked me up for lunch! It was really good chatting with her. Then when she found out I had nothing to do for the rest of the day, she brought me out shopping with her son! I had a good time, bought 4 tops and some more books. hehe. Couldn’t help myself.

By the way, the boy is my sister’s friend, so don’t worry about him ok?

The day didn’t end there as well! After I went home, my family and theirs went out for dinner, eating smelly cheese…mmmm my fart stinks.

We should go out and do something random like that one day eh? A random drive into the country side, enjoy a drink under the clear blue sky, or even a shopping spree!

Where do you think we should visit? I fancy going to Wales, or even Greece. Somewhere I’ve never set foot on before. Well, I’m off to play basketball for a while before work. Write to me when you can ok? Love you!



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