Pulau Ketam escapades

Dear ShinyThongWearer,

It was an Adventurous Monday! I went on this day trip where I was invited by my friend promising that there will be good food! *Of course I’ll come*

Turned out to be better than that. We not only went there for the food, we went for the whole package! The boatride to the island, followed by a complete tour of the island’s lifestyle, culture and society!

Its not a big island with a population of 7,000. But you can tell that with such closely knitted houses, everyone knew everyone.

Our tour guide, who is one of the locals, went abroad and found out each place of visit has its own website, to his dismay, Pulau Ketam has no such information in the web! So he built it himself: http://www.pulauketam.com/

I definitely suggest you go ahead and check it out. When you come and visit, I’ll bring you there. You’d love it!

The fishing village, fish farm, and the excellent seafood. How can you resist!

Well, I’ll hear from you soon. Take care!

Love always,


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