Pulau Ketam Escapades 2

Dear ShinyThongWearer,

The previous post about my adventurous Monday seemed too brief and not too informative. Let me try again and make it as exciting as possible!

Pulau Ketam literally in the english language translates to “Crab Island”. Seen alot of crabs, but honestly while walking round the island, I’ve had more encounters with dog poop than anything else!

It was a quaint fishing village with sea colours splashed onto every house. I think the theme was to reflect the colours of the sea and sky. So every house…EVERY HOUSE WAS BLUE AND GREEN. Well, nearly.

No cars around since the “roads” were only wide enough for 4 people to walk abreast. Everyone either walk or cycle. The bicycle is the main mode of transportation, you’d like that won’t you? They even decorate the bicycle in a certain way to show that someone’s married, the same way we decorate our cars for the wedding! They string red and pink ribbons all along the bars of the bicycle.
Some creative person even inserted his own plate number onto his front basket! Maybe it makes him feel like he’s driving a harley or a mercedes…

With a population of 7000 there are 3 elementary schools and 1 high school. The children would either move to the mainland to continue their tertiary education or stay back and focus on earning their living as fishermen. The tour guide boasts that since we’re living so close together, we know everyone! So there’s no fear of theft or crime. *What a blissfully peaceful place to live in*

After a jaunt round the area, we were treated to a seafood feast! I was filled with the taste of the sea for the rest of the day!

Later on, we continued our tour to the fishing farm. Now this is where the fun REALLY began. There were demonstrations of fish feeding and those buggers are HUGE! Fierce, fiery fishes splash the audience in display of their vicious hunger…if we’re having kids, they are not visiting the fishing farm. lol! Oh and apparently they have chalets there should you decide to stay…I cannot imagine staying amidst the presence of hungry fishes and mangrove habitants nearby…*shudders*

Alright we had quite some fun really moving from boat to shore, shore to boat. Then we went to the fishing village, its not too different from island itself. Just fishier.

Well, I’ve described it the best I could while being distracted by Stephen Fry’s podgrams. Try subscribing, its really really enjoyable! If not try listening to Ricky Gervais, I think he’s more your “thing”.

Well, take care and I was happy to hear from you while at work.

Love always


2 thoughts on “Pulau Ketam Escapades 2

    • We wandered around the island definitely to take a look at the lifestyle and living accommodations of the inhabitants. But we were also brought to a fish farm to check out all the fishes and feed it.

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