Back and About…

Dear Neko-Chan,

It was a hard week with many complications in my relationship, my work and in my emotions. I can imagine the little people in my head (assuming there are) saying the most cliche phrase “Houston, we have a problem.”

That’s this week anyway. But things are slowly healing and slowly getting interesting, with my job, it seems more endurable with the new boss kicking in. I also bought many books to read so I definitely have loads to do with my free time.

I find myself being more adventurous. Going out for a drink in hopes to meet new people, scheduling dinners with friends and just taking a random walk around the area. Something I normally wouldn’t attempt in doing. I would rather stay at home within the safety net of my books.

That reminds me of just how much I miss Sheffield, just the mention of people visiting or going back makes me green with envy. I miss the freedom to walk to places, to visit the pubs for live music, going to the theaters, meeting new people, getting down and dirty in the woods, camping, and most of all I miss the library. Its the convenience of getting to these places really. Here in Malaysia, with its abundance of shops, places to eat, malls…its not easy to get to these places, much less to find a decent parking space!

I need a get away trip. Something to look forward to. I need a good many things, and I’m sure the time will come. I just need to be really adventurous, and find a buddy who will share it with me. A “single” buddy, not those already in relationships and willing to spend time away from their love ones to accommodate to my achy breaky heart.

I’ve ranted enough, I’ll share more later, hopefully good news. In the mean time, I hope everything is going fine for you, studies and “other” activities…*winks!*

Missing you loads, take care!
Primos xx


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